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Mindfield is a green enterprise dedicated to promoting eco-farming and healthy lifestyles by offering high nutritional and palatable food through our ‘Farm-to-your-table’ service. Founded in 2007, we reach out actively to lead local communities towards sustainable organic stewardship of land and food while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources.


To extend our enthusiasm, we engage with the city-dwellers enlightening them of the fun of farming through a range of educational workshops, farm visits and urban/rooftop farm setup services.

then ......

low-carbon lifestyle

In 2015, we took a step further and started our own organic farm ‘UrbaNature’.  We grow organic produce – LOCALLY!  We believe in a world of harmony, with people and the environment.  We care about ‘food mileage’ and we grow seasonal produce.  We treasure what the Mother Nature offers, work with and never against the laws of nature. 


UrbaNature (HKORC Cert. No.: C16007) is for locavore lovers.   Fresh food always tastes better with maximal nutrition.  Shorter food journey from farm to table leaves only a minimal carbon footprint. Our belief in growing seasonal produce dedicates nutritious, delicious health foods to you.


Be a locavore – Live a Low-Carbon Lifestyle.  Eating right is not just a choice but tags with goals ‘Think Globally, Eat Locally’

and go further ......

gourmet journeys

Driven by his passion for quality produce, tung further established an 18 hectares new farmland in O'Som, Cambodia in 2016.  Angkor becomes the place where he starts his taste journey.  Tung • Cook is dedicated to offering natural and healthy gourmet foods, tantalizing your taste buds.  Taste has no boundary, our visionis to continuously seek for outstanding natural quality and extraordinary products, local and worldwide.  Tung • Cook ethos embodies originality and uniqueness on all of its products.  Don't cook without Tung • Cook.

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