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平原鷄 / Ping Yuen Chicken (1.5 kg and Above) (2 天預訂 / 2 Days Preorder)

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平原鷄, 香港本地飼養,絕無添加激素,抗生素及類固醇,選用優質天然飼料,每日新鮮送到!



平原鷄油脂分佈極佳,皮香肉甜,烹調後色澤金黃、鷄味濃郁, 深受香港一眾中西名廚和及美食家喜愛。

【SGS 檢測合格 — 無違禁激素及抗生素】



農場擁有一條龍養鷄技術: 建立由配種,飼料生產,從鷄蛋到鷄苗孵化,肉鷄飼養管理,一條龍監控,全部在香港本地進行,更是香港首家環保農場,確保頂級質量及供應穩定。

The top choice for top chefs and foodies

Ping Yuen Chicken is a Hong Kong premium breed in more ways than one. Perched close to the tranquil Ping Yuen River, our farms are located in and around the very heart of the most idyllic countryside in the north of the New Territories of Hong Kong.

• Raised without the use of Antibiotics

• No added Hormones or Steroids

• Premium natural feed

• Delivered fresh daily


The signature golden-yellow skin, bouncy resilience and the incredible flavour, are just a fraction of the many mouth-watering attributes of our farm-raised Ping Yuen Chicken that top chefs and foodies throughout Hong Kong have found so enthralling. In fact, if current orders are anything to go by, our chicken has rapidly become a ‘must have’ in the kitchens of fine dining establishments in the territory.

Freshness is the key

Following one of the important cornerstones of food preparation in Hong Kong, our chickens are delivered fresh to you every day. To ensure stringent control and monitoring of daily operations, our farms are set up with fully integrated poultry farming technology. From breeding, feed production, hatchery systems to raising broiler chicks, all operations are carried out at our farms in Hong Kong thus committing ourselves to the highest quality, allowing our customers a stable supply of chickens that are healthy and free from hormones and antibiotics.

Food Safety

We exceed the standards of all stringent health and safety tests, including compliance with SGS certification against hormone and antibiotics use as defined by the government of Hong Kong.


The first truly environmentally friendly farm in Hong Kong

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