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Alpha Foods 原味植物雞塊 / Nugget Original Chik'n (309 g)

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  • 外脆金黃內嫩多汁
  • 每食用分量含13克植物蛋白
  • 快速方便,微波爐叮1-2分鐘即可享用
  • 深受兒童喜愛而且健康富營養的晚餐選擇,亦是快捷方便的零食選擇

Nugget Original Chik'n
  • Crunchy and golden on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside
  • Full of delicious plant protein, providing 13g protein per serving
  • Reheat in less than 2 minutes using microwave
  • Delicious treat that makes for an easy on-the-go snack, a quick fix for a game day spread, or a kid-approved dinner option - without any sacrifice on taste or texture.
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